Heartland Meditation

“This is the age when anyone can achieve human completion.
However, human completion is not possible without first becoming the Truth;
we must first discard our false selves in order to achieve completion.”

The program was founded in 1996 and there are now about 345 meditation centers in 41 countries worldwide. Its systematic and scientific method is universal; it transcends race, cultures, religions, and national borders and is easily practiced by anyone from children to the elderly. To date, there are over 300,000 practitioners all over the world who have been enlightened of their true self, the Universe, and are finding lasting happiness with this process.

Heartland Meditation is one of many centers where you can receive customized guidance through your journey to finding the true self. Just as a personal trainer can target your workouts so that you can more effectively achieve your physical fitness goals, Heartland Meditation guides can target the program to help you achieve your mind fitness goals. 

“I found the philosophy of life of this Meditation is wonderful because it really is capable of leading the entire world to a permanent place both at the individual and community level.”

-Dr. Charles Mercieca / President of IAEWP

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