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Alan Levesque, Musician / Boston, USA

I’m not sharing my story to get your sympathy. My intent is to illustrate just how dark and hopeless a man’s life can get and that there is a way out of the pain.

Information table for the community

Heartland Meditation and Naperville Meditation have set up a table at Naperville downtown river walk to introduce this amazing journey to the truth to the people in Naperville community.   


Several of beginners get stuck during their meditation practice and often give up because they have some sort of misconstrued notion of what meditation actually is. Perhaps it’s all the photos of people meditating looking so peaceful that throw them off. They themselves don’t feel very peaceful, so they must be doing it all wrong, right? Little do they know that what they’re feeling/thinking is very normal. Here is a quick and dirty guide to either get you started or recharge your less-broken-than-you-think meditation practice.

"Meditation is living for others once one has achieved human completion, so ultimately it contributes the peace of the world”
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