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Alan Levesque, Musician / Boston, USA

I’m not sharing my story to get your sympathy. My intent is to illustrate just how dark and hopeless a man’s life can get and that there is a way out of the pain.

Information table for the community

Heartland Meditation and Naperville Meditation have set up a table at Naperville downtown river walk to introduce this amazing journey to the truth to the people in Naperville community.   

achieving your goals

How are you living your life? For a long time in the human history, how to become a better person has been a big topic to think about. However, what defines us to live well? If you are not sure what direction you life is going to, it's time to take a deep breath and pause your life for a moment. 

"Meditation is living for others once one has achieved human completion, so ultimately it contributes the peace of the world”
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