Rebecca / Perth, Australia.

I started this meditation because I wanted to live in the present moment. Along my travels I’d often stop in the most beautiful places and as I’d take a look out at the view, I’d realized that I was never really there, in the present moment. I was off somewhere else thinking ‘where am I going next?’ ‘How’s my family back home?’ ‘What food am I eating next?’ and so on. I was constantly thinking of the future or past, but never actually absorbing or appreciating where I was in that moment, not really living in the world, only inside of my mind world.

So through this meditation I realized, wow you don’t have to live inside of your mind world anymore. You can just discard it! The method is so simple when you follow it and the results are instant. More and more you start to stop stressing over the future and start living in the moment. It’s so freeing and so peaceful.

I had a lot of physical pain that held me back from being my full potential. Five years ago I was diagnosed with Scoliosis and was spending lots of money a week on therapies, but my pain just continued to get worse. I myself believed that this condition was never going to get better and so I wore it on my shoulders like a heavy weight. Through this meditation I learnt how the mind and body are connected and that the mind controls the body. My pain is also controlled by my mind, but I was stubborn and believe that I had a ‘condition.’ So as my pain got worse I went to the specialist. I told him I had scoliosis and had an x ray done. When I came back in, the doctor looked at me funny. He held the x ray up to show me that my back wasn’t an ‘S’ shape anymore and that It was straight. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had such a strong picture of how my back was and I didn’t think anything was working because I still had pain.
At that moment it was like a light bulb went off. I really understood that what I believed in my mind and reality was totally different. I couldn’t believe I was holding on to this picture of my back, and being attached to the pain for so many years. When I discarded it from there, because I knew it was all false. My pain went away and now I can do things I’ve never done before and be pain free.

We don’t have to live with these pictures from our past and let them control our lives and limit us. We can become our full potential and be free from all of it when we discard. Free from pain, worry, stress and expectations and live in the real moment. Now that is living!

Without this method I would still be in chronic pain and still never really appreciate anything. I’m so thankful for this method, which allows me to be free. Free from my mind world!

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