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Human is incomplete because human lives inside the human mind world which is made of the lived life, thoughts, and habits. Discard your lived life, thoughts, and habits in order to return to your true self and live forever with complete happiness, peace, and health.

Why Should I Meditate?

People live in their own mind worlds that they have filmed with their mind throughout their lives. Inside that video tape is where countless of thoughts come from and those are stress and pain. Because people live as slaves of those minds, we meditate to become free. 

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The most important thing for human is
to always be alive

The reason human is incomplete is because human does not live in the world which is Truth and lives inside of his mind’s world which overlaps the world. In the world of incompletion, people and all things in the world will disappear.

If one eliminates the mind’s world and countless thoughts and habits that human has, which are pictures, and returns to the place that existed before the world appeared, then incomplete human can become complete.

Heartland Meditation guides the process of eliminating one’s self, which is false, and being reborn from the Universe, which is one’s true self. Then one can live to the age of the Universe, know all the ways of the world, and become complete.

Just by discarding one’s false self, anyone can reach completion. That is why this is causing a worldwide sensation. Last year, 5000 people found their true selves and now live lives of forever health, happiness, and peace. Who wouldn’t want to do this, right?

Human Mind

Eliminate the False which is Incomplete

  • Because one is inside his mind, which is a videotape, he does not know anything.
  • In false thoughts, one dreams false dreams, does false things, then dies and that’s it.
  • Cannot achieve what humans want to achieve.
  • Countless thoughts are pain, burden, and stress.
  • Nothing remains in all that one does.
  • When living with The Human Mind..
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Universe Mind

Born in the Real World which is Complete

  • Mind becomes the Universe and one is born in the Universe, so he knows all the principles of the world.
  • Can achieve all that humans want to achieve.
  • One can live forever. One’s old self has disappeared since he has escaped from pain, burden, stress, and the countless mind clutter, so it is great freedom.
  • Things remain in all that one does.
  • When Living with The Universe Mind
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the way to find your true self

Level 1

Throw away remembered thoughts

Level 2

Throw away images of myself, images of my human relationships, and myself

Level 3

Throw away my body

Level 4

Throw away my body and the universe

Level 5

Throw away my body and the universe

Level 6

Become the Universe after my self disappears

Level 7

Throw away the illusionary world and myself that lives inside there


Only the Origin remains and be reborn as the Origin

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